Rushanara Ali MP backs national vision to secure funding for the UK’s 3 million cyclists

Rushanara Ali MP voted yesterday in support of a plan to provide for the long-term future of cycling in Britain.  The measure marks a long-term funding commitment to increase walking and cycling rates in the UK, as well as forcing the Government to commit to a sustainable strategy for the future of Britain’s 3 million cyclists. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP grills bank chiefs on banking facilities to charities and money transfer businesses

Rushanara Ali MP cross-examined banking chiefs on claims that disproportionate numbers of customers, money transfer businesses, Muslim charities and other organisations were being denied access to basic banking facilities. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP and Jim Fitzpatrick MP launch campaign calling on Tower Hamlets Homes to secure a fair deal for leaseholders

Rushanara Ali MP and Jim Fitzpatrick MP have this week launched a campaign to secure a fair deal for leaseholders in Tower Hamlets. Continue reading

Worst A&E waiting times in a decade leave Accident and Emergency services in Tower Hamlets at breaking point

Local MPs Rushanara Ali and Jim Fitzpatrick today expressed grave concern at latest A&E figures which show that record numbers of patients are waiting longer than four hours to be seen at the Royal London Hospital. Most recent published figures reveal that the proportion of patients waiting an unacceptable amount of time at A&E at the Whitechapel hospital is now double the national average. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP welcomes action to tackle rip-off cash machines

Rushanara Ali MP welcomed the announcement of the phasing out of cash machines which charge people £5 to access their own cash, but warned that there was much more work ahead to secure a fair deal for people across the UK. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP and Jim Fitzpatrick MP welcome £25 million injection of funding to improve homes in Tower Hamlets

Rushanara Ali MP and Jim Fitzpatrick MP today welcomed the Government’s announcement of almost £25 million of funding for housing in Tower Hamlets.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP highlights the unfair cost of cash withdrawals in her role as a newly elected member of the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee

New national regulators should examine unfair charging of cash machines in areas such as Bethnal Green and Bow, argued Rushanara Ali MP in her first week on the Treasury Select Committee. She raised the scandal of people having to pay up to £2.00 each time they take out money from their own bank accounts when using certain ATN cash withdrawals machines. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP urges Government to redouble efforts to help 1 million young people not in training or education back into work

Rushanara Ali MP urged the Government to take urgent action in redoubling its efforts to reduce youth unemployment and the numbers of young people in neither education nor training (NEET). Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP challenges the Prime Minister on smallest increase in wages since records began

In advance of last week’s Autumn Statement, Rushanara Ali MP challenged the Prime Minister to explain why wages for workers in the UK have remained stubbornly low and stagnant on this Government’s watch. Continue reading

Tower Hamlets Labour Party comments on PwC Report and Intervention by Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

PwC report on the Best Value Inspection of Tower Hamlets Council was released this month.  Continue reading