In the media

On Saturday 25 August, the anniversary of the 2017 Burmese military attacks on the Rohingya people Rushanara appeared on a number of programmes to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the UN report on the Rohingya genocide. Rushanara called for action against the Myanmar military.

BBC Sunday Politics

On Sunday 15 July, Rushanara appeared on the BBC's Sunday Politics to discuss Trump's visit to the UK and transport in London. 


Channel 4 News - Trump's visit to the UK 

On Friday 13 July, Rushanara attended the anti-Trump protest in Trafalgar Square and was interviewed on Channel 4 News about his visit. 


Channel 4 debate on immigration 

On Friday 22 June, Rushanara appeared on Channel 4 at a debate on immigration. 


BBC Sunday Politics 

On Sunday 14th May, Rushanara appeared on the BBC's Sunday Politics to discuss knife crime and the local election results.


Channel 4 News - Government's Ethnicity Disparity Audit

On Tuesday 10th October, Rushanara appeared on Channel 4 to discuss the Government's Ethnicity Disparity Audit. 


Written articles 

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