In Parliament

Here you can find out more about what Rushanara has been up to in Parliament including recent speeches, debates and questions. For more historical records of Rushanara's appearances in the House of Commons, you can go to her page on the They Work For You website, for the complete guide.

Recent Activity 

Treasury Committee

Myanmar Debate

On Tuesday 17th October, Rushanara opened the Backbench Business Committee debate on the 'Persecution of the Rohingya by the Myanmar Government'. The house debated the following motion: 'That this House agrees with the statement by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that the treatment of the Rohginya by the Myanmar Government amounts to a textbook case of ethnic cleansing. You can watch that speech below.


Westminster Terrorist Attack

London, and indeed the whole country, was shocked on Wednesday 22nd March when the Palace of Westminster came under attack. Such a despicable act of terror designed to attack the heart of our democracy saw several tragically lose their lives including PC Palmer, one of the many brave officers who risk their lives every day to protect our parliament.  

The day following the attack, Rushanara attended a vigil in Trafalgar Square with the Mayor of London. On a stage filled with local and national leaders, she stood before a sea of Londoners, defiant in our opposition to terrorism and unified in our condemnation of the attack. 

Voting Against Triggering Article 50

After the Prime Minster was forced to seek parliamentary approval to trigger Article 50, MPs had the opportunity to try to influence how we leave the European Union. During this debate, Rushanara supported 30 New Clauses and 10 Amendments to the bill that will begin the irreversible process of leaving the European Union. These amendments could have protected jobs in the financial services sector, key safeguards for our environment and many worker's and women's rights. 

With thousands of jobs dependent on the financial services in Bethnal Green and Bow, Rushanara supported these amendments to try to preserve the existing trading rights for UK-based financial service companies. She also tried to make sure that Theresa May had to seek the approval of Parliament prior to offering any deal to the European Union and that there was an option for more time to continue negotiations if any deal is not reached. 

After these amendments were defeated in the House of Commons, Rushanara voted against triggering Article 50.

Marking the 46th anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh 

On Monday 27th March, Rushanara marked the 46th anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh by attending an event in the Terrace Pavilion in the Houses of Parliament with several parliamentary colleagues, including fellow British Bangladeshi MPs Rupa Huq and Tulip Siddiq. 

Prior to this event, Rushanara attended an event in Kensington Town Hall on Sunday 27th hosted by the Bangladeshi High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Md. Nazmul Quaunine.

New National Funding Formula 

On Monday 20th March, Rushanara pressed the Secretary of State to scrap the Government's proposed changes to how schools are allocated funding present. The government's new National Funding Formula is dangerous and damaging for the future of young people not just in Bethnal Green and Bow but across the country, and Rushanara has been working hard in parliament to oppose this proposed change. 

Improving school standards across the country is vital, but taking money away from schools in Tower Hamlets for being successful is completely the wrong approach, especially as London has a higher rate of child poverty than the rest of the country. The government shouldn't punish schools in Tower Hamlets because they have been successful.

Standing up against President Trump 

In February, Rushanara joined a Westminster Hall debate on a petition signed by nearly two million people that demanded that the offer of a State Visit to President Trump be withdrawn due to the embarrassment it would cause to the Queen. 11,476 of Rushanara's constituents signed this petition. 

Donald Trump's rhetoric and policies are deeply, deeply worrying for not only our country, but also for all those who care about the rights of minorities, rights of women and all those threatened by his values. Rescinding his offer of a State Visit is not an attempt to boycott President Trump's visit. It is always better to have dialogue between countries, but given President rump's comments, a government-to-government visit would be much more appropriate. 

Tackling Childhood Obesity

With Cancer Research UK reporting that the percentage of children in Year 6 in Tower Hamlets overweight or obese is 41.9%, a figure that is nearly 10 percent higher than the England average, On the 21st of March, Rushanara asked the Minster of Health in the House of Commons what the Government is doing to ensure that no child suffers from obesity. Childhood obesity is twice as high in deprived areas to affluent areas and the government must act quickly to help bring these figures down.

Debate on Occupied Palestinian Territories: Israeli Settlements

On Thursday 9th February, Rushanara took part in a debate about Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, where she pressed the Government to acknowledge that these settlements are in fact illegal. Rushanara also raised the urgent point that in Gaza 800,000 children are living in what the former Prime Minster described as one of the world's biggest open prisons.

Ensuring Women have the Freedom at Work to Wear Religious Signs

On Tuesday 14th March, the European Court of Justice ruled that employers can legally ban the wearing of religious signs in the workplace. This ruling is very distressing, not only for those who wear the hijab but for many others. Following the ruling, Rushanara asked the Secretary of State for Equalities to reassure the country that the rights of workers to wear what they wish to wear, within reason, is upheld in Britain despite the ruling. 

The widely discredited company G4S was one of two companies that brought the case to the ECJ after firing a receptionist in Belgium.

Regulating Social Housing 

On October 31st Rushanara held an adjournment debate in the House of Commons on ‘Local authorities and regulation of social housing’. Having received a large number of complaints over a number of years from social housing residents of Circle Housing Group, Rushanara raised my serious concerns about the proposed merger between Circle Housing Group and Affinity Sutton. She called on the Minister for Housing, Planning, and London, Gavin Barwell MP, to strengthen the Government’s regulation of housing associations and ensure local accountability and control is not further eroded. Rushanara asked the Minister for assurance that more will be done to implement efficient complaint processing systems, to help settle disputes when things go wrong. Rushanara also called for a strengthening of the Government’s regulation of Housing Associations, to ensure that they are locally accountable.

Apprenticeship Funding in Deprived Areas

Through an intervention in the House of Commons, Rushanara pressed the Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening MP, on the need for continued commitment to additional apprenticeship funding in most deprived areas. Rushanara called on the Government to support young apprentices when there are around 625,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 unemployed in the UK. She asked the Secretary of State to maintain funding for the vital 'disadvantaged uplift' program, which helps some of the poorest young people receive additional funding.

Mental Health Support for Military Veterans

On the 11th of November, Rushanara asked the Minster of Defence, Mark Lancaster MP to ensure that military veterans receive the mental health services that they so crucially need. According to the Mental Health Foundation, there are around 5 million veterans in the UK, and a further 20,000 personnel who leave HM Forces each year. When staff leave HM Forces, their healthcare transfers from the military to the NHS. The Mental Health Foundation estimates that only half.  The Government must do more to help our military veterans. Many suffer tremendous mental health problems and the government must ensure that the NHS is doing all it can to offer them the professional help they need and deserve. 

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