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I want to hear about the issues that are important to you. If you are my constituent and you have an issue you would like help with, please get in touch by giving me a call on 0207 219 7200 or emailing me at providing your name, address, telephone number and details about your case.

I hold advice surgeries in Bethnal Green and Bow by appointment only. If you require an appointment, please mention this in your email. 

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  • Maurice Latimer
    commented 2018-10-26 10:29:29 +0100
    Thank you Rushanara for at last bringing mortgage prisoners to the fore,I did not ask for my mortgage to changer to Landmark,surely by not offering new mortgages is a restrictive practice,my example is this I pay £1,028.20 per month if i could change my new payment would be £431.16 per month.Surely the FCA has to change their rules as set out in 2014 the so called affordability test,the answer is quiet simple for those trapped,if a new borrower can bee seen that they have been paying their existing mortgage at a higher rate for a period of time ie 6/9 months and have a fair credit history then that should prove they could afford a lower payment,so simple as they say proof of the pudding is in the eating,please keep on at the treasury again all talk no actionmany thanks once again maurice lattimer
  • Vivienne Bellamy
    commented 2018-10-14 20:22:13 +0100
    Rushanara Ali MP may “want to hear about the issues that are important to you” but speaking from experience, don’t expect her to respond to your emails.
  • Leo Curran
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  • Sally Hone
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