Rushanara Ali MP co-hosts reception in the House of Commons in recognition of London’s extraordinary Air Ambulance

London’s Air Ambulance delivers innovative life-saving procedures outside London’s hospitals when responding to a wide range of different emergencies. Every day, on average, the service treats 6 seriously injured people in London. London’s Air Ambulance has highly trained paramedics who constantly monitor 4,500 daily ‘999’ calls, as they actively look for the critically injured people in need of their help.

London’s Air Ambulance is able to reach the scene of the incident quickly, and they will often perform life-saving procedures that are usually carried out in hospitals. In 2013, they went out on 1818 missions helping those in critical need. Published studies have highlighted the quality of their service:

  • Traumatic cardiac survival rate of 7.5% with London’s Air Ambulance, compared to international rates of 0-3%
  • London’s Air Ambulance have an emergency anaesthesia success rate of 99.2% in over 7000 patients with no-airway related death

After the reception, Rushanara said:

“London’s Air Ambulance provides an invaluable service, and their standard of care has proven to be world class. There are people here today that may not still be alive if it wasn’t for the exceptional work and care provided by this organisation. We should continue to support the Air Ambulance and its superb paramedics by donating to keep the service open.”

Rushanara was also taken on a routine flight with Air Ambulance paramedics who showcased their impressive flight skills. The service is a registered charity that depends on the public for funding. Please show your support of this excellent service and donate by clicking here.