Rushanara Ali MP backs national vision to secure funding for the UK’s 3 million cyclists

Rushanara Ali MP voted yesterday in support of a plan to provide for the long-term future of cycling in Britain.  The measure marks a long-term funding commitment to increase walking and cycling rates in the UK, as well as forcing the Government to commit to a sustainable strategy for the future of Britain’s 3 million cyclists.

Since 2010, over half of councils in the UK have been forced to cut spending on cycling and walking, and cyclists across Britain have been hit by further cuts of around £60m each year with the scrapping of funding to organisations such as Cycling England. It has been revealed that total spending on cycling in England is currently set at around £5 per person per year – less than 0.7% of total transport spending.

Speaking after the vote, Rushanara said:

“Since 2010, cyclists in Bethnal Green and Bow and across the UK have been completely side-lined by this Tory-led Government. David Cameron’s 2010 promises on helping people get active and leading the ‘greenest Government ever’ have been shown as yet more empty words.”

“Having campaigned for the safety of cyclists in my constituency, I am delighted that this vote will start the process of making our roads safer and more cycle-friendly. But we need to do more: that’s why a Labour Government would restore ambitious targets to protect cyclist safety, as well as committing to a cycling manifesto.”


Notes to Editors:

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