Rushanara Ali MP says Urgent action needed to help the victims of flooding in Pakistan

As Pakistan attempts once more to deal with serious flooding and the resulting humanitarian crisis, Rushanara Ali joined the call for the international community to provide the help and support so desperately needed.

Rushanara Ali said: 

“Over 7 million people have been affected by these floods so the scale of the disaster and the work necessary to help the victims of this crisis cannot be overstated. We have to act now to minimise any further loss of life and to ensure that the long-term damage of the floods is as limited as possible.

“People still trying to recover from the devastating floods of 2010 are now faced with losing their homes, crops, livestock and livelihoods all over again. The Government of Pakistan must play its part to rapidly support people in desperate need for help. As the international community, we must also respond and quickly – a slow response puts people’s lives at risk. To avert further loss of life, people in Pakistan need food, shelter, clean water and access to medical help. Aid agencies cannot meet all of these needs on their own – the British Government and others around the world must step up to help fill the funding gap.”

Pakistan has been a regular victim of serious floods and is only just beginning to recover from the floods of 2010 and makes a case for further, faster action from the British Government on climate change particularly in the developing world.

Rushanara Ali said:

“We cannot continue to allow some of the poorest countries in the world to bear the cost - in lives lost, homes and livelihoods destroyed – of the effects of climate change. I would call on the British Government to work with Pakistan to ensure better preparedness and a more rapid response to protect people who are affected. I also call on the UK government to step up their efforts to lead and mobilise the international community to ensure the much needed climate change adaptation and mitigation funding we committed to in Copenhagan is raised to help countries that are affected and are likely to be hit the hardest in the future.”