Rushanara Ali MP Statement on the 80th Anniversary of the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster

The 3rd March 2023 marked the 80th anniversary of the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster.

Rushanara Ali MP joined local residents, volunteers and relatives of those who lost their lives at the memorial service at St John’s church to remember the victims.

At Bethnal Green tube station 80 years ago, the tragedy that led to the greatest loss of civilian life in World War II unfolded. As sirens rang across the area, many war-weary East Enders flooded to the underground station to seek shelter. The chaos, panic and crowds led to a crush of people that resulted in the tragic death of 173 people.


Rushanara Ali MP on the anniversary:

"It was an honour to join friends and members of the wider community for the 80th anniversary of the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster at a Memorial Service at St. John on Bethnal Green Church. 173 Londoners lost their lives in the worst civilian disaster of World War Two. I am incredibly grateful to the Bethnal Green Memorial team for all they’ve done to ensure there is a lasting memorial for the victims of the disaster."

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