Rushanara Ali MP’s Statement on draft Sovereign Grant Act 2011 (Change of Percentage) vote

On Tuesday 15th March, MPs voted in favour of the draft Sovereign Grant Act 2011 (Change of Percentage) Order 2017.

Voting against the bill, Rushanara said:

“Of course there’s a case for repairing the palace. But to raise the share of profits from the ‘Crown Estate’ (which are public assets), handed over to the Palace, up from 15% and 25% is a bizarre and unsustainable way to pay for this.

If Ministers had proposed a specific one-off grant in the normal way, that would be more persuasive. But handing a chunk of profits away from the taxpayer with no time limit doesn’t seem to me the right approach. I suspect this is why other colleagues decline to vote in favour of the motion as well.”