Rushanara Ali MP appeals for information on disappearance of professor and policy analyst Dr Mubashar Hasan in Bangladesh

Dr Mubashar Hasan, a Bangladeshi professor and policy analyst has been missing since 7pm on Tuesday 7th November. Dr Hasan is an expert in the field of political science and has previously held a position at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and has worked as a public relations and communications specialist for Oxfam.

Commenting on the disappearance of Dr Mubashar Hasan, Rushanara Ali said:

“I am deeply concerned about the disappearance of Dr Mubashar Hasan who is an assistant professor at the School of Arts and Social Sciences at North South University and who has been missing since 7pm on Tuesday 7th November. Dr Hasan reportedly went missing while travelling to a meeting at the United Nations country office from North South University in Dhaka where he teaches.

I met Dr Hasan during several visits to Bangladesh, particularly when he worked for Oxfam Bangladesh where he gave me invaluable advice and support during my campaigns to highlight the challenges that climate change presents to the people of Bangladesh. I appeal to anyone with knowledge of Dr Hasan’s whereabouts to urgently inform the relevant authorities.”



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