Drought in Somaliland and Somalia

With around five million people in Somalia and Somaliland in need of humanitarian aid, Rushanara has been applying pressure on the UK Government to come to the aid of those malnourished and at risk of meeting their daily food requirements.

On 14st November, Rushanara wrote to the Secretary of State for International Development, Priti Patel MP after many constituents who were very worried and concerned for family members who have been hit by the drought contacted Rushanara.

On 21st November, Rushanara held a press conference in her constituency office with the Somaliland Ambassador to the United Kingdom in order to raise awareness of the drought. 

The UN is calling for £700 million in aid, however due to Somaliland’s unrecognised status by the international community, it does not directly receive financial aid from international donors. Over the last few months the Somali community in East London have mobilised and have been fundraising from all sections of the local community. The British government must listen to its concerned citizens and lead in the humanitarian response for those affected by the severe drought.  

Here’s how you can get involved: