Rushanara Ali MP grills Ministers on cuts to mental health funding for children and young people

Rushanara Ali MP questioned Government Ministers on local authorities and mental health trusts freezing or cutting funding for mental health treatment for children and young adults.

Despite promises of an extra £250m each year for mental health services for children and young adults, it has been confirmed that the Department of Health spent just over half of this budget last year.

Research unveiled by the NSPCC this week showed the effects of this underspend meant that 1 in 6 children and young adults have been refused appropriate mental health treatment over the last year.

Speaking after the debate, Rushanara said:

“The Government is presiding over a mental health crisis, and it is children and young adults who are amongst the worst hit. David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt’s promises to achieve parity between physical and mental health have no credibility – especially when local authorities and mental health trusts across the UK are being forced to cut budgets. It is the Government’s responsibility to make sure they make the resources available – and to make sure the money is spent on young people who desperately need help.”