All-Party Parliamentary Groups

As well as participating in debates and questions in the House of Commons and sitting on a Select Committee, Rushanara is also a member in different capacities of several All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs). APPs are informal cross-party groups that are run by Members of the House of Commons and House of Lords. 

As well as taking part in formal parliamentary business, MPs are active in other areas such as within their own political parties and constituencies. They may also take part in informal work at Westminster, such as working with All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs).

APPG for Bangladesh 

Rushanara is the Chair for the APPG for Bangladesh. The APPG works to foster a greater understanding of the country of Bangladesh and provide a conduit for the Bangladeshi community here in the UK.

APPG for Rights of the Rohingya

Rushanara alongside Jeremy Hunt MP is the co-chair of the APPG for the Rights of the Rohingya. In recognising the persecution, murder and other atrocities committed against the Rohingya, the group will work towards protecting and enhancing the human rights and status of the Rohingya, and will assess and scrutinise any repatriation agreement made between Bangladesh and Myanmar.Read about the full details of the APPG on Parliament's official register

APPG for Burma

Rushanara is the chair of the APPG for Burma. The APPG campaigns for and promotes democratic change in Burma and provides a focus for all those committed to bringing into being a stable and representative form of government, by peaceful means, that defends and upholds the right of individuals and ethnic groups in Burma.

APPG on Philanthropy and Social Investment

Rushanara is the founding chair of the APPG on Philanthropy and Social Investment.  The APPG works to further understanding of the role of philanthropy, giving and social investment in Parliament, and to act as a discussion forum for politicians, philanthropists, social investors and experts to develop policy to improve and increase the amount of giving and social investment to good causes in the UK.

APPG for Inclusive Growth

Rushanara is the Vice Chair for the APPG for Inclusive Growth. The APPG works to create a parliamentary space for a high-level dialogue between MPs, peers, businesses, faith groups, trade unions and academics with a goal to identify how to reconnect wealth creation and social justice.

APPG for Social Integration

Rushanara is also an Officer for the APPG for Social Integration. The APPG's purpose is to drive forward a cross-party conversation on policy solutions to break down barriers to integration and create opportunities for people from all walks of life to build bonds of trust.

APPG for Governance and Inclusive Leadership 

Rushanara is also an Officer for the APPG for Governance and Inclusive Leadership. The APPG's role is to raise the issue of inclusive leadership and governance in all areas of society with the aim of making it the norm for people from visible minorities to be in positions of power and influence throughout the UK.

APPG for 14-19 Education 

Rushanara is an Officer for the APPG for 14-19 Education which works to raises awareness of the benefits of, and challenges in, establishing high quality 14-19 education.

APPG for Air Ambulances 

Rushanara is also an Officer for the APPG for Air Ambulances. The APPG aims to raise the quality of care and effectiveness of air ambulances for patients through engagement with political leaders and policy makers; improving understanding of air operations and pre-hospital care to deliver a world class service and continually improve patient outcomes; promoting best practice, and highlighting issues and opportunities with policy makers.

A full register of every All-Party Parliamentary Group that is published every six weeks can be found on the Parliamentary website

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