Labour reveals 2,121 people hit by Conservative-led Government’s Bedroom Tax in Bethnal Green and Bow

Rushanara Ali MP has today revealed National Housing Federation figures which show 2,121 people will be hit by the Conservative-led Government’s changes to the shared accommodation rate, losing on average £728 per year.

The ‘Bedroom Tax’ will hit 660,000 households across the UK, two thirds of them home to someone with a disability, at exactly the same time as the Government gives a £100,000 tax cut to 13,000 millionaires.

Rushanara said: “Labour supports sensible welfare reform but the Bedroom Tax is far from that – it is unfair and won’t work. David Cameron’s Bedroom Tax will hammer families who are struggling to make ends meet, and could actually risk costing local tax-payers a fortune in higher private rents and covering the cost of driving people out of their homes.

“Two thirds of the households hit are home to someone with a disability, and the families of soldiers and foster parents will also be hit. Yet at the same time millionaires are getting a massive tax cut. This is a deeply unfair policy.

“We in the Labour Party will continue to hold this out of touch Government to account until Ministers see sense, admit this policy is totally unfair and think again.”