Rushanara Ali MP takes part in debate on serious violence

On 15 May 2019, there was a debate on serious violence following reports that both violent crime and knife crime offences have reached record levels. In 2017/18, 285 people were killed by knives and other sharp instruments.

This is at the same time as significant cuts to the police service, with a reduction of over 21,000 police officers nationally since 2010, and funding for crime prevention programmes being slashed in half.

Efforts to address the root causes of crime have been thwarted by the punishing cuts in youth services and early intervention. The £3 billion reduction in local authority children’s services funding has led to the loss of 3,600 youth workers since 2010.



Rushanara Ali MP said:

“This Government is losing the war on violent crime.

The rise in the number of violent crimes both in London and across our country is shameful. This scourge leaves families and communities devastated.

The causes of violent crime are deeply complex and made far worse by huge government cuts over the last eight years to the police, youth services, councils and charities.

We need to reverse these cuts, so people don’t live in fear of violence and in fear of losing their lives.”

More recently on 10 June, during Home Office questions Rushanara questioned the minister on rising knife crime offences.

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