Rushanara Ali MP's statement on Brexit

Yesterday, the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the UK-EU was published. On the future economic partnership, the agreement does not include a commitment to deliver frictionless trade, a permanent customs union, nor a firm mechanism to protect financial services.


The agreement barely mentions protections for workplace rights, consumer rights and environmental standards. Therefore, it fails to meet Labour’s six tests for a Brexit deal.  

Rushanara Ali MP said:

“This is a terrible deal not just for London, but for all areas of the UK, and represents a huge failure for this Government.

This deal is not as good as the one we currently have as an EU member state, and it will make our country worse off. The Prime Minister is offering a false choice between her bad deal and no deal, despite the catastrophic consequences of a no deal Brexit for the NHS, the economy, and our futures. There is no majority in Parliament for either option.

The deal only provides for a temporary customs union, no clarity on the future trading relationship, and little protections for workers’ rights and environmental standards. This is a blindfold Brexit. The Government has failed to deliver for working people in this country.

I refuse to accept the false choice between this bad deal and no deal. I will vote against it, and continue to campaign for a People’s Vote.”

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