Rushanara Ali MP's Statement on Tower Hamlets Mayoral Referendum

On May 6, alongside the London mayoral and assembly elections, there will be a referendum in Tower Hamlets on how the council is run.

Rushanara Ali MP said: 

"This is an opportunity to change the current system of a directly elected Mayor to a leader and cabinet system of government. 

The current system concentrates power in the hands of one person. The system of a leader and cabinet model would be much more democratic. It would be more inclusive, and it would allow your local ward Councillors that you directly elect the opportunity to have a greater say in how decisions are made.

I believe it would be far better for us to change the current system of running the council from a mayoral system to a leader and cabinet style of government for our borough.

I hope on May 6, you will vote for the second option on the ballot paper which is for the leader and cabinet model of government."

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