Rushanara Ali MP's statement on the Shamima Begum case

On the Court of Appeal ruling regarding Shamima Begum, her former constituent, Rushanara Ali MP said:


‘I have always said that the only way to deal with this complex legal case is through the courts, and under British law, and under the international laws agreed between democratic countries.

‘The Court of Appeal has judged that Shamima Begum may return to the UK to appeal the decision by the then-Home Secretary to remove her British citizenship. The UK Government now has the right to appeal to the Supreme Court, which may overturn the judgment. This is a lengthy legal process, and far from over.

‘I do not believe it is right for the UK government to remove someone’s UK citizenship based on their parent’s country of origin. This was at heart a political decision, not one anchored in the rule of law, and it set a dangerous precedent. In these times, it is vital that rule of law is fully applied.

‘Shamima Begum should be returned to the UK, arrested, and placed in custody. She should then stand trial in the UK. We cannot leave it to failed states like Syria to deal with international terrorism alone. We have a duty to act to bring to justice those who join terrorist organisations. We also have a duty to protect other young people in our country from terrorist organisations who have deployed tactics including online radicalisation, to protect them from going down the same terrible path as Shamima Begum and her associates.

‘That means reforming the prevent strategy to make it more effective, boosting our wider counter-terrorism efforts to disrupt terror groups’ activities inside prisons and in wider society.'

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