Rushanara Ali MP's statement on the EU withdrawal agreement

On Wednesday 16 January, Theresa May's Brexit Withdrawal Agreement was voted down by MPs in a landmark defeat for the Government. 

The Government lost the vote by a margin of 202 to 432, with the majority of 230 being a record defeat in the Commons in the modern political era. 


Rushanara Ali MP said: 

"The Government’s historic defeat last night is proof that things have got to change - starting with the Government. MPs from all sides rejected the terrible Brexit deal, and Theresa May’s Government has lost the confidence of the house, and the country, which is why I’m supporting the motion of no-confidence.

Since the referendum, this Government has failed to put the country first. The Government has wasted money and time on negotiating a deal that has come to nothing, whilst our country has been pushed to breaking point with the Government’s cruel austerity programme.

We must step forward to heal our divided country and tackle the appalling problems of austerity.

If Labour ’s no-confidence motion on the government doesn’t succeed, I will be joining the majority of my constituents, by backing the only logical option to help our country move forward. I will be campaigning to suspend Article 50 and have a People’s Vote, so people can have a final say on the government’s deal or have the option to remain in the EU." 


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