Rushanara Ali MP calls on the Chancellor to provide urgent funding for housing safety repairs, nearly a year after the Grenfell tower tragedy

At yesterday’s hearing of the Treasury Select Committee, Bethnal Green and Bow MP, Rushanara Ali, called on the Chancellor to ensure that housing associations and councils are sufficiently funded to complete safety repairs, and that private landlords fulfil their duty of maintaining safe properties for tenants.

Rushanara Ali MP said, “Nearly a year after the Grenfell tragedy, only seven out of 160 social housing blocks with flammable cladding similar to that used in the Grenfell tower block, have been replaced.

Residents should not have to wait years for vitally needed repairs. Urgent action is needed to support local councils and residents in funding and accessing vital safety measures and repairs.

Some housing associations do not have sufficient funds to do the work, whilst others are having problems accessing the money. Currently the government is shirking responsibility and much more needs be done to speed up the repairs process.

Residents in privately rented blocks as well as social housing feel let down by the government. Residents and leaseholders need to be supported so that they can live in safety in their homes.

I urge the government to properly fund housing associations and councils and pressure private landlords to ensure that residents can live in safety in their homes.”


Notes to Editors:

1.) You can read more about Rushanara's questions on housing and safety to the Chancellor on the BBC News website

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    commented on Rushanara Ali MP calls on the Chancellor to provide urgent funding for housing safety repairs 2018-05-08 15:03:06 +0100
    Really glad to see this! I hope you will be able to support our campaign for exactly this — Safe Cladding and Insulation Now (SCIN). We are also fighting for provision to be made to prevent residents freezing when their cladding is off, in the winter, and for leaseholders not to have to pay for fire wardens — it is not their fault! We are writing to you about this separately, and hope to be in touch soon.
    Best wishes,