Rushanara Ali MP calls on the Government to reform care and support services

Speaking at an event organised by APASENTH, a charity providing social and community services in East London, Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, called on the Government to urgently transform care and support services.

Rushanara congratulated APASENTH on providing excellent social care and community support services to some of the most vulnerable people living in East London. However, she said there was a growing care crisis in Britain that needed to be addressed. Rushanara expressed deep concern that many of the UK’s growing elderly population are facing a daily struggle. She also deplored the rising costs of childcare. Rushanara said it was crucial that families receive the necessary guidance and support to help them through these difficult times.

Speaking after the event, Rushanara said:

“It is crucial that we tackle this growing care crisis. The UK’s welfare and health care systems must keep pace with the changing needs of the population. If these services are not substantially reformed, we will jeopardise the long-term growth of our economy. The Labour Party wants to help families who are acutely feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis. We need an affordable care system that provides effective information and advice to families about what care is available and at what quality and what cost.”

“It is important that we shift the focus of health and social care out of hospitals and into the community. Support and care should be personalised to give those who need care and their families a greater say and control. It is crucial that we improve prevention and early intervention by targeting people before they need care and support.”