Rushanara Ali MP question to the Health Secretary on uptake of the COVID-19 vaccines

On 9 February, Rushanara Ali MP questioned the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, on the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP Urgent Question on Student Support

On Wednesday 3 February, Rushanara Ali MP participated in the Urgent Question on the financial support for students during the pandemic.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP Urgent FCDO Question on Myanmar Coup

On 2 February there was an urgent statement from the Minister on the Myanmar coup.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP speaking at the debate on Covid secure borders

On Monday 1st February 2021, Rushanara Ali MP spoke at the opposition day debate on Covid secure borders. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP's statement on Labour's Opposition Day Debate and Amendments on Cladding

On 1 February the Labour Party held an Opposition Day Debate on Protecting tenants and leaseholders from unsafe cladding. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP on the Government's Remote Learning Failings

On Tuesday 26t January 2021, Rushanara Ali MP asked Education Minister Nick Gibb about the failure to address the 10,000 laptop shortfall Tower Hamlets school children are experiencing during the national lockdown. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP at DWP questions on Kickstart

On Monday 25 January 2021, Rushanara Ali MP asked a question to DWP Ministers on the Kickstart programme.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP’s speech on the Prevention of Genocide Amendment

On 19 January the Lords Amendments to the Trade Bill will be voted on in the house. The Labour party and Rushanara Ali MP will be supporting the human rights and genocide amendments.                                                                                                                            Earlier this month Rushanara Ali MP and Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP tabled a similar amendment to the Financial Services Bill which aimed to prevent UK investment in firms complicit in genocide and ethnic cleansing. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP Urgent FCDO Quesion

On 16 December Rushanara attended an Urgent FCDO Question in the chamber.  Continue reading