Rushanara Ali MP Calls for Urgent Action to Tackle Rising Levels of Child Poverty in UK

Today the End Child Poverty coalition released new statistics showing the extent of child poverty across the UK broken down by constituency, Local Authority and ward. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP joined by Mayor of London to unveil complete Bethnal Green Tube Disaster memorial after 74-year wait

On Sunday 17th December, Rushanara Ali, Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow was joined by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan to officially open the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster memorial.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP appeals for information on disappearance of professor and policy analyst Dr Mubashar Hasan in Bangladesh

Dr Mubashar Hasan, a Bangladeshi professor and policy analyst has been missing since 7pm on Tuesday 7th November. Dr Hasan is an expert in the field of political science and has previously held a position at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and has worked as a public relations and communications specialist for Oxfam. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP welcomes return of ‘Old Flo’ but calls for statue to be moved closer to original home within five years

  The iconic sculpture by Henry Moore named ‘Draped Seated Woman’ or as it is commonly known ‘Old Flo’ was unveiled on 25th October in Cabot Square, Canary Wharf after spending 20 years out of the borough. ‘Old Flo’ had originally been displayed outside the Wickham and Ewhurst tower blocks in Stepney before being loaned to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 1997. The sculpture was nearly auctioned off in 2015 by the former Mayor of Tower Hamlets Council Lutfur Rahman. This decision was halted after a local campaign was formed called the “Save Old Flo,” chaired by Rushanara Ali MP. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP leads parliamentary debate on the persecution of the Rohingya by Myanmar Government

On Tuesday 17th October, Rushanara Ali, Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow and Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Democracy in Burma called on the Government to apply greater pressure on the Burmese military and government to protect Rohingya Muslims.   Continue reading

Anniversary of the Battle for Cable Street

On this day in 1936 the Jewish community of East London and its allies blocked the streets in order to prevent Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists marching through in what became known as the Battle for Cable Street. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP Statement on Terrorist incident in Parsons Green

On the morning of Friday 15th of September twenty-nine people were injured after a device exploded on the carriage of a London underground train at Parsons Green Station. Continue reading

Statement on EU Withdrawal Bill

Rushanara Ali, Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow voted against the Second Reading of the EU Withdrawal Bill in the House of Commons. The bill also known as the Repeal Bill will overturn the 1972 European Communities Act which took the UK into the then European Economic Community. Continue reading

158 Parliamentarians Write to Foreign Secretary on Violence Against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Following the recent escalation of violence targeted towards Rohingya Muslims in Rakine State, Myanmar, 158 Parliamentarians have written to the Foreign Secretary urging the Government to exert more pressure on the Burmese Government: Continue reading

Statement on Recent Escalation of Violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Burma said: “I am deeply concerned about reports that nearly 400 people have been killed in the last week and close to 38,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled their homes in Rakhine State, Myanmar. I utterly condemn this escalation of violence over the last week and urge both the civilian-led and military-led sections of the Myanmar Government to immediately bring an end to the violence.  Humanitarian organisations must urgently be granted access so that humanitarian relief can be delivered. Continue reading