Rushanara Ali MP speaks in mortgage prisoner debate

On 6 June, there was a debate on mortgage prisoners and vulture funds. In 2016, the Government sold off £13 billion worth of Northern Rock mortgages to Landmark mortgages, owned by the US equity company Cerberus. According to a BBC Panorama programme, the US firm misled Ministers and officials on mortgages. Our Government believed an undertaking that these people would have access to mortgages and competitive rates of interest Inactive lenders, such as Cerberus and even the Government firm UKAR, are not authorised to offer new mortgage products to their customers who are stuck with high interest rates. There are 150,000 people in the UK currently trapped in this predicament, on standard variable rates at 5%, whilst their friends and neighbours can access a market where interest rates are much lower. Rushanara Ali MP called on the Government to ensure that the Financial Conduct Authority takes meaningful action to protect the 150,000 mortgage prisoners currently trapped in high rates.   Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP takes part in debate on serious violence

On 15 May 2019, there was a debate on serious violence following reports that both violent crime and knife crime offences have reached record levels. In 2017/18, 285 people were killed by knives and other sharp instruments. This is at the same time as significant cuts to the police service, with a reduction of over 21,000 police officers nationally since 2010, and funding for crime prevention programmes being slashed in half. Efforts to address the root causes of crime have been thwarted by the punishing cuts in youth services and early intervention. The £3 billion reduction in local authority children’s services funding has led to the loss of 3,600 youth workers since 2010.     Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP urges Government to tackle public health emergency

On 14 May 2019, MPs debated the recent cuts to the Public Health Grant in the House of Commons. Rushanara Ali MP urged the Government to provide funding and resources to tackle the UK’s public health emergency, instead of issuing catastrophic cuts. The Public Health Grant is expected to see a £700 million reduction between 2014/15 and 2019/20—a fall of almost a quarter per person. This will see cuts to vital services such as – children’s services, sexual health, alcohol and substance misuse, stop smoking services and others.     Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP's statement on the 20th anniversary of the Brick Lane bomb

It is 20 years on since the Brick Lane nail bomb terrorist attack, one of three horrific far-right terror attacks carried out across London in 1999.   Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP speaks about Loan Charge

On Thursday 4 April, MPs debated the 2019 Loan Charge in the House of Commons Chamber.  Rushanara Ali MP highlighted HMRC's admission of failure to be transparent over disguised remuneration schemes, which could have prevented the misery inflicted on people who now face retrospective charges of tens of thousands of pounds. You can watch her intervention in the Chamber here. Rushanara has been campaigning for urgent action from the Government on loan charges. She has signed an open letter to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mel Stride MP urging him to delay the Loan Charge which you can view here. Rushanara has also supported an Early Day Motion expressing concern at the Loan Charge and its retrospective application, you can read the full Early Day Motion here. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP's statement on the New Zealand terror attack

On 15 March 2019, there was a horrific terrorist attack in two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP commemorates International Mother Language Day

Since 1952, February 21st has been commemorated by the people of Bangladesh, and Bengalis around the world, as Language Martyrs Day, after student demonstrators from East Pakistan were killed by Pakistani police, whilst protesting for Bangla to be preserved as an official language of Pakistan. These students are celebrated as martyrs, with their deaths being seen not only as leading to the preservation of the Bangla language, but also being the start of the struggle for Bangladesh independence. In 1999, UNESCO created International Mother Language Day, so that 21st February would be recognised across the World, to promote linguistic and cultural diversity. Continue reading

Statement by Rushanara Ali MP for Bethnal Green & Bow on Times report about Shamima Begum

The Times has reported that Shamima Begum who fled the UK to join IS in 2015 was recently found in a camp in Syria. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP condemns racist video in Bethnal Green and Bow

On Friday 25 January a video circulated on social media showing a man making offensive and racist comments outside Central Foundation Girls’ School. Continue reading