Rushanara Ali MP's statement on Cyclone Amphan

On Thursday 20 May 2020 Cyclone Amphan hit India and Bangladesh, with heavy rainfall and winds of more than 100mph to areas already affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP's statement on coronavirus outbreaks in refugee camps

Rushanara Ali MP calls for urgent action from the international community to prevent the coronavirus outbreak killing thousands in the world's biggest refugee camp.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP's statement on VE Day

It is 75 years since the East End celebrated VE Day – victory in Europe over the forces of fascism. East End families had more to celebrate than most. Not only did thousands serve in the army, navy and airforce, thousands more served on the home front, as air raid wardens, fire fighters, in munitions factories, and in hundreds of other roles. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP's statement on the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics on Covid-19 related deaths by ethnic groups

Commenting on the ONS report that BAME people are more likely to die from COVID-19, Rushanara Ali, Labour MP for Bethnal Green and Bow said: Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP urges UK Government to lead efforts to protect global trade and supply chains

The coronavirus pandemic has sent global markets into turmoil and the detrimental impact on the global economy continues to evolve at an unprecedented speed. Global supply chains have been disrupted, local economies have been wrecked by businesses collapsing, and millions have lost their jobs. Those countries with developing economies will be hit the hardest. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP calls on the Chancellor to offer 100% guarantees on loans for small businesses

The Government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme currently provides lenders with a guarantee of 80% of the outstanding balance on each loan provided to SME’s. Following pressure from Labour and other opposition party MPs, the Chancellor updated the scheme so that personal guarantees cannot be taken for facilities less than £250k, and that people’s primary residences are not allowed to be taken as security under the scheme.   Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP urges Chancellor to protect workers failed by Covid-19 support scheme

Hundreds of thousands of workers, across all sectors, are being failed by the Government’s Job Retention Scheme, designed to help companies hit by the Covid-19 crisis. Treasury Select Committee member Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, has written to the Chancellor demanding urgent action before hundreds of thousands are thrown into even greater financial difficulty. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP calls for urgent action to help workers left out of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

On 15 April 2020, the Government changed the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme by extending the eligibility date to 19 March 2020, which means that anyone reported on payroll by 19 March is now eligible to be furloughed. However, the Government also announced that employers have to have logged RTI submissions with HMRC and added employees to payroll by this date, a practice that commonly falls to the end of each month. Continue reading

Celebrities share urgent message about coronavirus for the British Asian communities

Following reports of the disproportionate impact coronavirus has on BAME communities, a group of prominent British-Asian celebrities have created a health advice video targeting the Asian community.  Continue reading