Diversity and trust in our democracy will be enhanced by Lords reform says Rushanara Ali MP

Speaking in a House of Commons debate on the House of Lords Reform Bill, Rushanara Ali MP said that reforming the House of Lords would make it more diverse, democratic and fit for the twenty-first century. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP joins Labour Leader Ed Miliband MP and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls MP for keynote speech on banking reform

Bethnal Green and Bow MP, Rushanara Ali, today joined Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka Umunna MP, Shadow Chancellor, Rt Hon Ed Balls MP, and Leader of the Labour Party, Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, as he delivered his speech on banking reforms to an audience at the Co-operative Bank in her constituency.   Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP condemns Government's failure to answer Bow residents questions about Olympic missile plans

Rushanara Ali MP attended a meeting organised by local residents to discuss the Ministry of Defence' s plans to base surface to air missiles on Lexington Building Water Tower in Bow Quarter during the Olympic Games.  Over 200 people attended the meeting in Bow.  Continue reading

Government failing young people says Rushanara Ali MP

This week, Rushanara Ali MP for Bethnal Green and Bow spoke in the House of Commons in a debate on the Finance Bill. Rushanara focused on the rising levels of youth unemployment in her constituency and the UK as well as the Government's failure to take action to address this.   She also spoke in support of a Labour amendment to introduce a tax on bankers' bonuses to fund a "Real Jobs Guarantee" to help young people who have been long-term unemployed into work. Continue reading

Budget fails to deliver on jobs and growth says Rushanara Ali MP

Following the Budget Statement from the Chancellor George Osborne MP today, Rushanara Ali MP said "this government's economic policies have failed - today was an opportunity for them to finally acknowledge this and deliver a budget that would really help those who need it most.  Instead the Chancellor has delivered tax breaks for the very richest and yet again hit hard-working families, young people and poor children the hardest.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali calls on the Government to drop the NHS bill

Speaking in the House of Commons last night, Rushanara Ali MP called on the Government to listen to people and drop their damaging NHS Bill.  Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP calls for UK Government to show international leadership during a parliamentary debate on Somalia

On 23rd February, the UK Government will host a conference on Somalia to pull together international effort to address the conflict and humanitarian challenges facing Somalia. Senior representatives from over 40 governments and multi-lateral organisations will come together in London with the aim of delivering a new international approach to Somalia.  Continue reading

Labour Party Leader, Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, joins Bethnal Green and Bow MP, Rushanara Ali, on visit to Bethnal Green Academy

Leader of the Labour Party, Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP and Rushanara Ali MP visited Bethnal Green Academy this morning to talk to teachers, staff and students.  They discussed the Shoreditch Citizens' campaign for a Living Wage, opportunities for young people in Tower Hamlets, and the challenges facing schools and colleges in Tower Hamlets and across the country. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP says Al-Shabaab must allow aid organisations into Somalia

Following news today that Al-Shabaab have banned aid organisations from Somalia, Rushanara Ali MP, Shadow International Development Minister and Vice-Chair of Somali Friends of Labour, said “reports today of rebels seizing and looting the offices of some UN and international aid agencies working in Somalia to alleviate the consequences of a severe drought, are incredibly concerning and open up the possibility of the crisis in Somalia turning into a full-blown disaster.  With 4 million people in desperate need of help in Somalia and a quarter of a million people in imminent danger of starvation, too many of them children, Al-Shabaab must allow aid organisations to deliver desperately needed aid and guarantee the safety of their staff and offices.  The people of Somalia have already had to suffer through a civil war, the drought and famine - what they need now is for the international community to provide them with the support they need and to work hard to find a solution to the ongoing conflict.” Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP supports charity’s work to reduce violence against women

Rushanara Ali MP joined Labour colleagues, to mark White Ribbon Day and show support for the White Ribbon Campaign’s work to reduce violence against women. Continue reading