Rushanara Ali calls on urgent need for UK Government to step-up its response to future humanitarian crises

Last week, a report released by the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation and the Famine Early Warning Systems Network estimated that the number of people who died during the 2011 Somalia famine was much higher than initially anticipated at almost 260,000. Shadow Minister for International Development, Rushanara Ali, has urged the need for the UK Government to ensure that warnings for similar humanitarian crises are responded to much earlier and faster in order to avert the huge loss of life witnessed during the recent East Africa famine. Continue reading

Urgent action is needed to address labour conditions in the garments industry says Rushanara Ali MP

Rushanara Ali MP, Shadow Minister for International Development, today called on companies such as Primark to take urgent action to address workers’ conditions and take responsibility for safety standards following the collapse of an eight storey building on the outskirts of Dakha, Bangladesh, in which over 200 hundred garment workers employed in factories that supplied high street shops to the West have been killed. Continue reading

London Labour MPs demand urgent rethink on Mayor’s drastic police cuts

Bethnal Green and Bow MP, Rushanara Ali, has led a group of London Labour MPs and Assembly Members to hand-deliver a letter to Mayor Boris Johnson at City Hall. The letter, signed by 38 London MPs, raises deep concern about the scale of proposed cuts to police numbers and the closure of police stations across London. Continue reading

Families paying the price for the 'downgraded Chancellor’s’ failed economic Policies

The lacklustre Budget delivered by the Chancellor on Wednesday has drawn widespread criticism after he was accused of making hard working families pay for his economic mistakes. Continue reading

Ministers need to give straight answers on fire service privatisation local MP tells Parliament

During parliamentary question time to the Department of Communities and Local Government, Rushanara Ali MP demanded that ministers give straight answers on their plans to privatise fire and rescue services. Continue reading

Labour reveals 2,121 people hit by Conservative-led Government’s Bedroom Tax in Bethnal Green and Bow

Rushanara Ali MP has today revealed National Housing Federation figures which show 2,121 people will be hit by the Conservative-led Government’s changes to the shared accommodation rate, losing on average £728 per year. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP calls for a halt to real terms cut to maternity pay

Local MP Rushanara Ali has slammed the Conservative-led Government’s plans to impose a £180 real terms cut to maternity pay for more than 2000 new mums in Bethnal Green and Bow while at the same time giving massive tax breaks to millionaires.  Continue reading

Remembering the victims of the Bethnal Green tube disaster on the 70th Anniversary

On Sunday 3rd March, local MP Rushanara Ali attended the 70th anniversary memorial service of the Bethnal Green tube disaster at St John on Bethnal Green Church. Continue reading

Rushanara Ali MP condemns David Cameron's suggestion to spend aid money on defence

Following the news that Prime Minister David Cameron is considering diverting money from the UK's aid budget to defence-related projects, Rushanara Ali MP, Shadow Minister for International Development, spoke out in Parliament.  Continue reading

Local MP condemns police cuts in Tower Hamlets as investment in police falls to a three year low

Bethnal Green and Bow MP Rushanara Ali has condemned government cuts to policing as new figures show the government has cut over £1bn from the police since 2010, meaning 17% fewer police officers and PCSOs for Tower Hamlets. Continue reading