Rushanara Ali MP reports back on Labour Party Conference 2012

Local MP Rushanara Ali has been speaking at numerous events and meetings at the Labour Party Annual Conference 2012. It was a busy week in Manchester, where Rushanara Ali raised key issues affecting constituents in Bethnal Green and Bow such as education and unemployment alongside speaking on her work as a Shadow International Development  Minister. 

Speaking after Conference, Rushanara said:

“A real highlight for me and I’m sure for many others this year was the excellent speech by Ed Miliband.  He spoke eloquently about what makes us Labour and what Labour is about – a party that stands up for all of Britain.  I have also enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many people and organisations from all parts of Britain and representing all parts of our society.”

While at conference, Rushanara attended a Demos event discussing the challenges faced by many young people in education today and what we can be doing to help overcome educational inequality.  After the event, Rushanara said: “This is a very important issue for me and one that affects many of my constituents.  I know the government needs to do more to ensure that all of our young people, not just those in wealthy, get the same, high-quality education.  The kind of education all children deserve.”

Rushanara was on the panel for an Islamic Relief event on Monday, discussing how climate change is already affecting countries like Bangladesh and Kenya.  The event also focused on what steps countries like Britain can take to help tackle these issues by increasing resilience. 

Rushanara also spoke at a number of other events including on tackling tax dodging, the impacts of population and consumption on the environment and the future of UK development aid.

Rushanara Ali was pleased to speak at the annual Labour Friends of Bangladesh and Labour Friends of India events as well as meeting with many trade union, journalist and party colleagues at receptions and events throughout conference.