Rushanara Ali MP's Statement on the Labour leadership contest

Labour has launched its contest to find the new party leader following Ed Miliband's resignation. 

Rushanara said: 

"During the deputy leadership nomination process I argued for a candidate list that offered as broad a choice as possible – allowing a range of voices and perspectives to be heard. It would have been hypocritical of me not to have applied this thinking to the leadership race.

Looking back at the 2010 Labour leadership election I was urged by senior Party figures including those who would be described as ‘Blairite’ to nominate Diane Abbott MP as a candidate.

We need this leadership debate and selection to be informed by vision, ideas and policy, not a false battle between personalities and egos.

If you cannot win an internal Labour Party selection with ideas, vision and policy you cannot hope to win a general election.

Instead of lecturing and being abusive as some advisors and commentators have done, their time would be better spent promoting the ideas and vision of their preferred candidates.

The membership and registered supporters will decide our next leader. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are tired of the constant stream of abuse from people who have a track record of control freakery, stifling debate, and believing they know best.

The immature, playground name calling needs to stop, and stop now."