Rushanara Ali MP holds Prime Minister to account over Government’s economic failure and broken promises on borrowing

Rushanara Ali MP opened Prime Minister’s Questions by slamming the Conservative-led Government’s economic failure and its broken promises on borrowing.

In 2010, the independent Office for Budget Responsibility had forecast that the Government would be borrowing £18 billion in 2015-16, yet these forecasts have been revised following the Government’s failure to generate economic growth. It has now forecast borrowing of £96 billion in 2015-16, meaning that the Government will be borrowing £78 billion more than planned.

Rushanara asked the Prime Minister: “Three years ago, the Prime Minister promised that borrowing would fall to £18 billion in 2015. Will he confirm that the failure to get growth going means that he will now borrow £96 billion instead—yes or no?”

Following Prime Minister’s Questions, Rushanara added: “The Prime Minister is in complete denial. His government’s economic policies over the last three years have badly failed – on jobs, growth, living standards and even the deficit. David Cameron and George Osborne are making a terrible mistake in ploughing on with their failing plan: increasing the price that families are paying now and in the future for this failure.

“A Labour Government would have a clear and balanced plan to support growth and jobs, alongside a clear timetable to get the deficit and the debt down - finishing the job where this government has failed.”