EU Tower Hamlets and London


In the run up to 23 June, Labour MPs, MEPs, Councillors and supporters have been out in force to encourage Tower Hamlets residents to vote to remain in the EU. In May I was joined by Chuka Umunna MP as we launched the Tower Hamlets Labour Party's In campaign. Alan Johnson MP and I paid a visit to Brick Lane with the Labour In team.

Leaving the European Union would have a huge impact on the lives of all Londoners, and would risk putting jobs and economic growth in jeopardy. London was a city built on trade and relationships with other countries and remains so to this day, in part due to the central role London plays in Europe. 

The EU contributes hugely to the success of London’s trade and economy:

– London exports nearly 40% of its goods to the EU, worth a value of £12.7 billion.

– In the last five years London and the South East have gained £11.1 billion in foreign direct investment from EU member states.

Our membership to the EU also supports public services in London:

– The NHS in London has 16,800 staff from EU countries, including over 2,800 doctors and over 6,900 nurses.