Rushanara Ali MP’s statement on the current situation in Israel and Gaza

Reports have suggested some 127 Palestinians have been killed with hundreds of others injured since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. The recent escalation of violence began almost a week ago and was triggered by the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank and the murder of a Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem.

Following news of the devastating outbreak of violence, Rushanara Ali MP said:

“I am gravely concerned by the recent escalation of violence and tension that has broken out. I am horrified by the news that some 127 Palestinians including children have been killed since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their loved ones in the latest conflict. The murders of the Israeli and Palestinian teenagers were horrifying crimes, and it is crucial that those responsible are now brought to justice.

"This escalation of retaliatory attacks have already cost the lives of innocent civilians and hundreds have been seriously injured. The international community must do all it can to apply pressure on both sides to bring an end to the cycle of violence and prevent a repeat of Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defence and Operation Cast Lead which resulted in thousands of Palestinian civilian deaths.

“Both Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live in peace, security and without fear of attack. This most recent outbreak of bloodshed underlines the desperate need for negotiation between the two sides and the importance of working towards a viable and just two state solution in the Middle East.”