Rushanara Ali MP slams Government for betraying people struggling to make ends meet over Autumn Statement

Overcrowded and understaffed hospitals in cities where workers’ wages will decrease and prices for food will rise. Bleak economic figures delivered by the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, yesterday confirmed that after six years in power, the Conservative government will continue to hit the poorest the hardest as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.


A squeeze in pay and a historic fall in living standards were predicted on Wednesday as the Chancellor informed the country of the impending damage of leaving the European Union. With borrowing up and the national debt set to increase to £2trillion, people’s average earnings are predicted to fall by £830 by 2020.

Despite announcing that the government will borrow £56 billion, there was no mention of supporting the underfunded NHS or social care services to help a health system that is facing the biggest financial squeeze in its history.

Rushanara said:

“We learnt on Wednesday that hospitals will continue to be overcrowded and understaffed and hardworking people will have their wages cut and their living standards lowered.”

“Over the coming years, Britain’s economy is going to continue to underperform and it’s not those at the top who will suffer but those struggling to make ends meet.”

“We face one the greatest economic challenges of a generation by leaving the European Union and the Government must make sure that they protect our economy by avoiding a hard Brexit.”