Rushanara Ali MP appointed as UK Trade Envoy to Bangladesh

Rushanara Ali MP has been appointed as UK’s Trade Envoy to Bangladesh. This is a cross-party programme established in 2012 to build business and bilateral trade relationships and help drive economic growth in developing countries. Rushanara Ali will also focus her work as Trade Envoy to address climate change concerns and share the UK’s expertise on labour standards to support Bangladesh’s garment industry.

There are currently 24 MPs and Peers working as Trade Envoys covering fifty different countries. All Envoys are selected by the UK Prime Minister for their experience, skills and knowledge of particular sectors and countries.

Rushanara Ali said:

“’I am delighted to have been appointed to this cross-party role as the UK Trade Envoy to Bangladesh. The UK and Bangladesh have historic and long-standing ties, and it is a country of particular importance to me: a third of my constituents have Bangladeshi heritage and I was the first person of Bangladeshi origin to be elected to the UK Parliament. I want to see Britain play a twin role helping Bangladesh thrive economically and supporting the country's efforts to tackle the threat of climate change.”



Note to editors:

1) Other Labour  Parliamentarians serving as Trade Envoys include Lord Hollick of Notting Hill, Lord Puttnam of Queensgate and  Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC until she stepped down following her appointment as Commonwealth Secretary General. These roles are unpaid.  

2) For further information or comment please contact Rushanara Ali MP’s Office on 020 7219 7200 or email

3) You can find more information on Rushanara’s work in Parliament here

4) Statement from the UKTI can be found here