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Rushanara Ali MP votes against triggering Article 50 to protect jobs

For Immediate Release

Rushanara Ali MP this evening voted against triggering Article 50 and beginning the process of leaving the European Union due to the risk it poses to jobs in Bethnal Green and Bow and across the country.

Price Water House Coopers suggests that if the UK leaves the Single Market between 70,000 and 100,000 jobs in the financial sector could be lost. Following the Prime Minster’s speech at Lancaster House two weeks ago where she laid out her negotiating strategy, HSBC confirmed that they will move 1,000 jobs out of London, as did UBS.

Speaking in the historic debate on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill Rushanara said:

“As a passionate European, a proud Londoner and someone who comes from a background in which Britain was a welcoming home to me and my family, and a constituency where almost 70% of the electorate voted to remain, it goes without saying that this is a bill that I wish I didn’t have to vote on.”

“I don’t agree with the Prime Minster’s plan to take us out of the Single Market and Custom’s Union because the effects will be dangerous and damaging to our economy and that is well documented when it comes to the city of London and Canary Wharf. My constituency boarders on these two financial sectors where some 70,000 – 100,000 jobs are at risk. And it’s not just the jobs of financiers at the top end of those institutions that are at risk – it’s the receptions, it’s the caters, it’s all the people who serve the city and Canary Wharf.

“It’s because of the damage that the move away from the Single Market will do to my constituents and also up and down the country to our economy but also to our rights that I can’t support triggering Article 50.”

“I do not believe it’s in our national interest, as a country that is supposed to be outwards looking and internationalist and I do not believe it is in the interest of the next generation.”

Statement on Osmani School

Statement on Osmani School

I understand that the proposed name change of Osmani School has caused great concern with both parents and residents in Whitechapel. The name Osmani is derived from General Muhammed Osmani, who fought in the British Army in the Second World War. Born in Sylhet, General Muhammed Osmani is a heroic figure in the eyes of many British Bangladeshis.

While it is a real concern that the school’s nursery intake is in decline, I do not think that changing the name from ‘Osmani' to ‘Vallance’ will have the desired effect of boosting next year’s intake. I agree with Mayor John Biggs that the decline in the demand for primary school places in the west of our borough appears to be driven by changes in the local population and further exacerbated by an oversupply from unplanned and unnecessary ‘free schools’.

The names we assign our public institutions, such as schools, have a tremendous significance to our local communities. By naming a place of learning after a respected hero of the Bangladeshi community, we recognise the valued traditions and histories that our fellow citizens hold and celebrate. At a time of great hostility towards ethnic minorities and migrants, it is deeply disturbing that the school is considering changing the name of the school.

Rushanara Ali MP commends work of volunteering agency and calls for strong successor mentoring program to help a million young people over the next decade

Immediate Release – 17th January 2017

Rushanara Ali MP called on the government to ensure that young people who receive help from the National Citizens Service will be able to continue their progress in ambitious plans for a new mentoring scheme, during the second reading of the National Citizens Service Bill.

The National Citizen Service facilitates 15 – 17 year olds from all background to come together for between three to four weeks, mainly in the summer holidays after GCSE exams. Working together to deliver a project to make a difference in their community these young people learn important life skills, increasing their levels of civic engagements and social action.

It has already delivered 8 million hours of youth volunteering since its inception in 2009 with more than 300,000 teenagers taking part in NCS programs across the UK.

Speaking in the chamber, Rushanara highlighted the important work that NCS does with the charity Uprising, which she co-founded and chairs, as it has recently delivered the NCS program from its regional office in Birmingham to young people from the West Midlands.

But Rushanara called on the government to back a new program which she is establishing called One Million Mentors that aims to ensure that the progress that is made out of the NCS program is continued.
Speaking in the Chamber, she said:

“The NCS represents an impressive cross-party effort. Its precursor came under the previous Labour Government in the form of the “Be Inspired” programme in which Lord Blunkett and Gordon Brown, among others, were involved.”

“How much work will be done on successor programmes for the hundreds of thousands of young people who will be going through the NCS?”

Speaking after the debate she said:

“Mentoring can widen horizons, opportunities and networks for young people. 1MM will build a national online platform to recruit, train and deploy mentors to organisations working with young people.”

Statement on Bangladesh Victory Day

Marking the 45th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence on December 16th, Bethnal Green and Bow MP, Rushanara Ali paid her respects to those who sacrificed their lives to secure the freedom and independence of Bangladesh.

Rushanara Ali said:

“On Bangladesh Victory Day, we remember the three million people who lost their lives for the freedom of their nation. On this important day, we pay our respect to their memory and recognise the great sacrifice they made.

Earlier this year I was delighted to be appointed as the UK Trade Envoy to Bangladesh. I am pleased to be in a role that will help to promote even stronger links between our two countries.

As we mark the anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence and look to the future, I look forward to the United Kingdom and Bangladesh working closely together to tackle the threat of climate change, promote economic prosperity in both countries and boost development in Bangladesh.”

Rushanara Ali MP refers East Thames Housing to regulator after Ocean Estate is left without heating and hot water

Some 600 flats occupied by some 3,000 residents on the Ocean Estate in Tower Hamlets were recently left without hot water and heating for a week during one of the coldest periods of the year. With no alternative accommodation offered to vulnerable residents at a time of near freezing temperatures following the breakdown of the district heating system, Rushanara Ali MP has referred East Thames to the Housing Regulator, the Housing and Communities Agency, to ensure that lessons are learnt and this doesn’t happen again.

The district heating system provided by Vital Energi for the Ocean Estate has broken down twice over the last six weeks and left residents relying on East Thames to provide electric heaters and oil radiators to keep warm. Many residents were subsequently advised to use facilities at the Mile End Stadium, where there are only a handful of showers, an amount that was clearly not adequate for the needs of some 3,000 residents.

The Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow has been inundated with calls and emails from residents complaining about the total absence of basic services on the Ocean Estate. Over the past week she has been in constant contact with East Thames to try and resolve the issue.

During a meeting in the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday with the Housing and Communities Agency, Rushanara called for an investigation to be undertaken to make sure that lessons are learnt from this recent problem and that residents are fully compensated. Rushanara has also requested that East Thames open an investigation to ensure that this incident is not repeated.

Rushanara said:

“I have asked the regulator to investigate why 3,000 of my constituents went without heating or hot water for a whole week and were left to go to the local gym to shower and rely on electric heaters to keep warm. I believe Vital Energi and East Thames have a case to answer.”

“The regulator must ensure lessons are learnt from this recent crisis so that residents do not have to suffer in this way in the future.”


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