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Rushanara Ali MP presses PM May on local jobs in banking

Brexit must not mean exit for Britain’s banks. That was the message to the Prime Minister this week from Rushanara Ali MP. Many major banks are threatening to relocate their British headquarters from Canary Wharf and the City of London to Dublin, Frankfurt or Madrid following the referendum to leave the EU. Some may move as soon as 2017. The head of the British Bankers’ Association has warned that as many as 70,000 jobs are at risk.

Rushanara Ali called on Theresa May in the House of Commons to ensure that British-based banks retain their ‘passporting’ rights to operate freely in the EU after the UK leaves.

Speaking in the Chamber, Rushanara said:

‘Some of the 70,000 jobs at risk are being done by people living in Bethnal Green and Bow. These are not just bankers, but also all the jobs that rely on the banking sector, from security staff to catering, from analysts to receptionists.’

In reply, the prime minister said she was ‘aware of the importance of financial services to the United Kingdom, to our economy as a whole and, obviously, to particular constituencies regarding individuals and their employment.’

After the debate, Ms. Ali said ‘we must keep up the pressure on government ministers to ensure their warm words are backed by concrete action before Brexit to protect local jobs.’


Notes to Editors:
1) For further information or comment please contact Rushanara Ali MP’s Office on 020 7219 7200 or email

2) You can find more information on Rushanara’s work in Parliament here:

Rushanara Ali’s raises recent arrest of Youth Support Worker with Tower Hamlets Borough Commander

Giving a statement, Rushanara Ali MP said:

“I was very concerned to see the contents of a video circulating on social media of an incident between a Youth Support Worker and Tower Hamlets police outside Arbour Youth Centre in my constituency. It’s vital our community has confidence in the police to carry out their duties professionally and appropriately. There are clearly urgent questions to be answered and I have contacted the Borough Commander for Tower Hamlets highlighting concerns expressed to me by local residents.”




  1. For further information or comment please contact Rushanara Ali MP’s Office on 020 7219 7200 or email

Rushanara Ali MP commemorates the eightieth anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street

On Sunday 9th October Rushanara Ali MP marked the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street by speaking at two events organised by local community groups including Cable Street 80, and an event organised by the London Jewish Forum and the Jewish Leadership Council.

Speaking at a rally organised by Cable Street 80, Rushanara said:

“It’s an honour for me to be with you today as the local Member of Parliament for this great constituency and to welcome you here on this very important anniversary.
We stand here together to mark the eightieth anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. I want to start off by thanking David Rosenberg and the group of people who brought us all together to mark this great anniversary so let’s give them a big round of applause.
Eighty years ago, thousands of East Londoners stood together against fascism and intolerance. The Battle of Cable Street was a fight that brought many communities together: the Jewish community, the Trade Unions, and many others.
It is because of their struggles that we can live in greater safety and in greater harmony today. But the battle continues. We are gathered in this park, named in memory of Altab Ali, a young man who was brutally murdered in 1978 and named in recognition of the fact that racism continued.
When I was growing up in Tower Hamlets in the eighties and nineties I saw another community, the Muslim community, who also fought for the East End to be a place safe from hatred, a place safe from racism and a place safe from intolerance.
So while we mark the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, let us remember the fight against racism, islamophobia, and anti-semitism continues across our society. The EU referendum has exposed deep divisions across our country and given way to a concerning rise in hate crime.
Ladies and gentlemen, today we send a message: to continue the struggle against intolerance and to always fight to protect all our different communities.”



Notes to editors:

1. Al Jazeera UK recorded some of the day's events, available to watch here:

2. The Battle of Cable Street took place on Sunday 4 October 1936 in Cable Street in the East End of London. It was a clash between the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley and various anti-fascist demonstrators, including local Jewish, socialist, trade union, and communist groups, dockers, and Irish labourers.

3.The Battle of Cable Street was a major factor leading to the passage of the Public Order Act 1936, which required police consent for political marches and banned the wearing of political uniforms in public.

4. In the 1980s, a large mural depicting the battle was painted on the side of St George's Town Hall. It stands in Cable Street, close to Shadwell underground station.

5. For further information or comment please contact Rushanara Ali MP’s office on 020 7219 7200 or email

6. You can find more information on Rushanara’s work in Parliament here:

Rushanara Ali MP’s statement on the Boundary Review

“I have concerns about the Boundary Commission’s plans in their current form. This review uses old data, ignoring two million newly registered voters. And shrinking the House of Commons whilst the number of unelected Peers in the Lords increases every year is wrong-headed and undermining of our democracy.

“The report calls for parliamentary constituencies across the country to be more evenly sized, and aims to reduce the overall number from 650 to 600. My constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow will be affected, but so will 9 out of 10 constituencies across the country. In London 95% of constituencies may change in some way.

“This is the beginning of a two year-long process and reviews such as these happen quite regularly. The last took place before the 2010 General Election and show that the first plans, such as in this case, are in no way final.”


  1. For further information or comment please contact Rushanara Ali MP’s Office on 020 7219 7200 or email
  2. Any member of the public is able to view the Boundary Commission’s plans and comment on them whilst the first consultation period is open. You can do so via their website here:

Rushanara Ali MP’s statement following the release of the Chilcot Report

"Sir John Chilcot’s report into the decisions taken leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 stands as one of the most comprehensive ever conducted. I hope Chilcot also enables this generation of political leaders, and future generations, to avoid ever making the same mistakes again.

"The report reveals a catastrophic failure of Intelligence, with incorrect information about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and a failure to plan for post-war stability for the Iraqi people once Saddam Hussein had been removed. My concerns at the time led me to oppose the Iraq War in 2003, and I marched against it in the national demonstration in London that year.

"Since being elected as MP in 2010 I have consistently argued that military intervention must only take place as a last resort and under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) and international law. My concerns therefore led me to oppose extended military intervention in Iraq in 2014, and I resigned from Ed Miliband’s shadow government team following my decision not to support airstrikes in Iraq that year. I also voted against airstrikes in Syria in December 2015.

"The war in Iraq began over a decade ago, but the decisions taken then have had devastating consequences for the region ever since, and a generation of Iraqis has never known peace. Chilcot helps us understand better how this came to pass. Our job now is to work to rebuild public trust, and reform our institutions including the security services, civil service and Government to address the weaknesses highlighted by this report."



  1. For further information or comment please contact Rushanara Ali MP’s Office on 020 7219 7200 or email